1981 - NewsPeek
   1983 - GIN
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   1992 - GenMagic
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   1999 - Lumeria

Lumeria Whitepaper:
   What Is Privacy
   Widespread Concern
   Why Companies Violate
   Fair Info Principles
   EU Privacy Directive
   Privacy Partners
   The Superprofile
   A Win-Win-Win
   Privacy Statement

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An Infomediary Approach to the Privacy Problem

by Fen Labalme and Jad Duwaik



What Is Privacy

Widespread Concerns About Privacy

Why Do Companies Violate Privacy?

Fair Information Principles

The European Union Privacy Directive

Lumeria - Your Privacy Partner

Lumeria Introduces I-Commerce

Evolution of the SuperProfile System

Conclusion: A Win-Win-Win Situation

Lumeria's Privacy Statement

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