1981 - NewsPeek
   1983 - GIN
   1989 - SmarTV
   1992 - GenMagic
   1994 - CDML
   1994 - Social Ads
   1996 - Venue OS
   1999 - Lumeria
   2001 - OpenPrivacy

* The History Behind Broadcatch

Lumeria (1999)

In 1998, Fen co-founded Lumeria, Inc., a company whose original mission was to create a virtual networked desktop (code names "NetDesk"). He soon convinced the president that the privacy-enhanced infomediary space was a better target, and Lumeria changed direction early on.

While he was there, Fen shared his talents creating the SuperProfile concept, designing and implementing the BookmarkCity shared net index, and co-authoring a seminal Infomediary White Paper.

Fen left the company in 1999 citing "irreconcilable differences" with the president. Fen's Broadcatch related contributions to Lumeria remain his property, granting Lumeria a perpetual, non-exclusive license to the technologies.

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